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just settled my third suit today...

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I settled my third lawsuit today.

I'm not sure if surreal is the right description for what happened, but in the end I get a check for $$$ and the defendant agrees to cease and desist all collection attempts, including resale of the debt.

What is interesting is that this was over an old CC debt. I filed suit for FDCPA and FCRA violations, and never mentioned the debt that it pertained to. The defendant, a CA, who previously tried to get me to cough up $3000 for the old debt, didn't even ask what the debt was about or how much, just that they agree to my terms.

Either I'm getting the knack for this, or I just seriously forrest gump'd my way into getting them to settle.

I saved the best for last though; my last two suits will knock off the remaining bad debts, out of an original 8. I can't believe I will have zero bad credit and no CA's hounding me in less than 6 months on this site.

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Please do tell... I'm at the point, I have done the DV w/ no legal response back, w/ a couple of TLs... and can prove w/ paper trail... violations. Some nuts and bolts on "how you did it." would certainly help a lot of folks... Congrats!!! please share all you can... if that's ok w/ everyone. :lol:

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