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YES! SUCCESS!! ASSet is gone from EQ!!!

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I just got a letter in the mail from EQ saying my account with ASSet was deleted!!!!!

Though I'm not complaining, the point of concern is that about 4 days ago, I got a letter from EQ saying my most recent dispute for this account came back verified. I quickly fired off an FCRA 611 letter asking for the procedure used to verify (which EQ hasn't gotten yet since it's only been a couple of days).

Then, today I get this notice, dated June 5 (last Monday) saying the TL was deleted. I also got a pink slip from the Post Office saying I have certified mail waiting for me.... so I'm wondering if ASSet might have sent me a summons to sue me all the way back to Michigan (even though I live in California now)... :o all this for $150!!! The pink slip doesn't say the sender's name on it. Thoughts on whether these bastards would do this?? Delete a TL and then sue for it?

Anyways, I'm at least a little happy :D

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:woohoo: I remember the day when I discovered A$$et had been gone from my reports. It was a joy I hadn't felt in years. :D Enjoy it and don't worry about the possible summons. I HIGHLY doubt that A$$et would sue over $150 (it'll cost them more than that for legal expenses and countersuits :wink: ). Congrats to you!!
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