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next step in validation

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I sent Northland a DV letter 3 months ago and today received their verification. They are collecting for Cap 1. I received a letter requesting payment as well as photocopies of 3 months of statements. Dec 1999, Dec 2001, & Dec 2002. They look like cap 1 statements(I still have my originals for other months). They are not exact copies because of differences in fonts and they are in black and white. I'm assuming that they are legit and probably fall under the qualifications for validation. The only thing missing is itemization of the numbers that they are collecting for and any proof that they either purchased the account or are authorized to collect. Because of this, is the verification in complete? Should another letter follow? or should I ask for original copies from OC instead of photocopies.

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Cap One is known for hanging on to stuff for years, so it could be real. The different fonts make it sound a little iffy to me. But only you really know for sure if these are your statements or not.

I would expect at minimum:

-- a copy of the signed application

-- a copy of the cardholder agreement

-- copies of the last months of the account statements

-- a full, detailed itemization of the amounts they're trying to collect.

You may never get any documentation that allows them to collect for Cap One. But it won't matter if they prove the debt is yours -- they'll be able to provide it in court if they have to.

Normally, I would say send them another letter, give them 15 days to validate or delete. But my guess is they may come up with the documentation -- eventually. So they will reappear and you'll have to deal with them then.

How much $$ are they claiming and is this in or out of SOL?

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They are claiming I owe $3999.78. This is according to the last letter I got from them in Feb. Every correspondence before then the amount was always different, sometimes higher and sometimes lower. My records show that the amount could be closer to $2000. The account hits SOL I believe around Jan 2007.

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