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Reporting same cc to cra under 2 different acct numbers

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My bf had one acct with Chase bank with a balance of almost $3000 that had not been paid on for several months. At first, he thought maybe someone else had used the acct and reported it to Chase as possible fraud. Chase had already closed the acct because of nonpayment but when he reported it as possible fraud, they gave the acct a new account number. Chase sent him a copy of all the charges and he than recognized them as his own charges. He talked to Chase, told them these were not fraudulent charges after all, has made repayment arrangements with them and has now made a couple of payments on the acct with the new number. When he pulled his credit report, it lists this acct 2X, once with the old acct number and once with the new. It lists this as 2 "potentially negative items" on the report. Can Chase continue to report this as if these were 2 different accts? If not, how can he get at least the acct with the old number dropped from his report? Thanks for your help.

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