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Didn't redisputed with CRA after Dv request. Is it too late?

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OC on this acct was Chase bank. Amt $1230. Acct went late 1 2005. Now in collection, being handled by Bronson & Migliaccio out of NY. I was living in Arkansas when acct was opened, moved to Tx where they have been contacting me, now moving back to Arkansas. I Dv'ed this acct with B&m, rec'd only a letter saying they have asked for verification from their client and they will send it when it's received. That was a month ago. I did not redispute this acct with CRA, because I had just done that in March . Several things I've read say to dispute with CRA After you Dv the CA. Is it too late or should I still do this? In writing? (not online) Maybe I'm wrong but some of what I've read seems to be saying that CA's can have as much time as they need to validate debts. (at first I thought they only had 30 days). If I don't get a validation, must I send another letter. (I would probably never be brave enough to sue them anyway so the paper trail isn't so important) If they never send validation, and I can successfully request removal of acct from credit report by CRA, the debt doesn't just go away does it? Granted I don't truly remember charging on this acct but I probably did do it. I kind of went crazy with the cc's there for a while.

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