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Proper Validation

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I have a question about proper dv, I have heard you can Dv a judgment , but what would be the correct way to do this.

On the actual judgment I recevied years ago, they had the wrong adress, and there was no type of documentation, showing what they said I owed.

Interesting point is the judgment has one name listed as a plantiff, and now each letter I recevie has two plantiffs listed as creitors.

I know one is a JDB, so I called the original creditor, who stated they have no affiliation with the JDB.

Sound fishy?

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I actually have a copy of the judgment, it has an amount , but no where does it show my signature or where the amount came from.

No agreement with a creditor, or no itemzed amounts...just basically states I owe an amount...

Of course they took this to court with out me knowing.....

I think sometimes low and underhanded are the mottos of these collectors, funny thing is getting default judgments they can say you owe a million dollars...scary huh?..

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