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has anyone dealt with rpm? receivable performance management


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Between 11/05 and 3/06 they got ahold of 3 old out of sol collection accounts and reinserted them into my credit reports. not all at once but three seperate times. so I finally filed a complaint with the washington state bbb and attorney general. and then some guy named ron powlus(or something similar called me to smooth things over)

I kinda have a big rear but you can only blow so much smoke in my rear, so I told him to pound sand. When I disputed with the 3 cra's they were quickly deleted. I thought I was done until april when they did a hard inquiry.

So I let so time pass and called a woman there today to see about getting the inquiry removed. And magicly I was transfered to this same a## ron powlus. We exchanged pleaseantries, then he proceded to tell me per my request he would do another hard inquiry. So I had to quick call tu and put a fraud alert out. Will that keep rpm from pulling hard inquirys? I live in pennsylvania, I wish Washington state wasn't so far or I would go there and ??? fill in the blanks.

Sorry I bet this post makes no sense but I had to vent

their address is

receivable performance management

1930 220th st se, suite 101

bothell, wa 98021

also po box 768

bothell, wa 98041

phone 425 984 2252

fax 425 984 6275

by the way my head is clear now

his name is robert e polus

director of operations :x

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