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I HAD to post this.. its from the Portfolio Recovery Collection website.. I dont know about you but I always enjoy good fiction!!!


PRA's management team has been responsible for the purchase of more than $13 billion in charged off consumer debt. Our collective backgrounds include senior level experience with consumer lending, collections and recoveries, commercial real estate and corporate debt workouts, bank processing and operations, as well as expertise in the areas of statistical analysis and modeling.

Each new customer service representative at PRA must complete an exhaustive six-week training program, including segments on the FDCPA and state collections law compliance. Once on the job, our representatives are continuously monitored to assure compliance with all applicable laws and PRA's own stringent policies and procedures. Our collection philosophy is based on a belief that all customer interactions need to be professional and courteous, free from harassment or inappropriate conduct of any kind.

Our people are housed in well designed, modern call centers equipped with leading edge technology in everything from the predictive dialer systems to our recovery software and skiptracing databases. The end result for Sellers of debt is that they can take comfort in knowing that their prior customers' account are now owned by a professional organization that is committed to treating each customer fairly and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

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