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What would you do?

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Ok I just checked my credit score/ report I have 1 cc charge off, a charge off from Verizon and a few doctor bills that I can clear up this week as well as a few CC with outstanding balances but no slow pays on these.

My score is as follows: 610,545, 535. Pretty soon I will need a car. Should I pay off the CC that is not charged off but has a high balance of $945.00 or pay off the charge off to clear it up first ( I owe $445.00 on this one)?

What do you huys think?

FYI: I just paid off 3 CC this week and 1 student loan but this has not been reflected as of yet, I do understand it is too early

Thanks in advance

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Pay the card that is not late ... new lates kill your score! Work out a settlement on the CO ... look around the site ... some great people with great advice can be found! Doctors bills if not super late you can work off a payment plan before they hit your reports. Just remember that with your scores you will pay a bit more in interest!

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