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5Star screw up...


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I have been rebuilding my credit for nearly two years now with some great successes thanks to this board.

Besides elimanating a lot of baddies, I have worked closely on a payment plan on a closed account. Each money on the 15th, they take out $100 from my checking account. It has been easy.

However, today i opened my latest statement I noticed I was "past due."

I called 5Star Bank asking how this could be, since I set up the payment plan with them. To say I got the runaround is putting it lightly. Not only was the woman rude and demeaning, she wouldn't admit THEY SCREWED UP.

Someone there set the payment plan up for just six months. BS!!! My records show I haven't written a check to them since August 2005.... I brought this up and the best this woman "Monica" would say is that a collections manger in charge recently left and that it "fell through the cracks."

She noted the account was 'closed' and had been in behind before. She also said they have lowered the interest rate in the past and that I was lucky to have that done.

Fell through the cracks!!! Lucky!!!

I told her I wanted to speak with the account rep. I wanted to cuss her out, but didn't. I'll save that for the person I've worked with before.

I have $1300 left on the card. I have the money to pay it off in full, but won't. I won't give them the satisfaction.

Any other advice to deal with this?

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Whats done is done. I'm not sure what your looking for here. Did they slap you with late fees or something like that that you would like to have removed? If that is the case than I would speak to a manager and ask that they remove them.

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