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CA on closed paid acct responded to DV request. ITS now?

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I have read and read various topics and posts from various folks trying to remove paid collection accts from their CRs. After reviewing many topics, I chose to send a DV letter to all four of my 3-4 year old paid collection accounts showing in my CR. As I understand it, the law isn't clear on whether or not the CA must adhere to a DV when it involves an account which has already been paid in full, so what the heck....send one.

Well, the first of the 4 CAs responded today with the following response:

Dear Mr. Brye:

We are writing in response to your letter requesting validation of the above referenced account. The current balance is 0.

This account was assigned to our agency for collection by Multicare Medical Group. The address for their billing offices is 17700 SE 272 St. #460, xxxx, xx, xxxxx. This account was for services rendered March 25 through June 27, 2003. This matter was referred to our attorney and suit was filed in xxxx County East Division District Court. You were served with Summons & Complaint on October 4, 2004. You did not respond to teh Summons thus Default Judgment was entered November 15, 2004. (Cause #XXX-xxxx). You paid the Judgment Balance in full on January 25, 2005 with your VISA card in response to a garnishment served at your place of employment. If you wish a copy of the charges, you may obtain it from court records. The court was notified of Satisfaction of Judgment on January 31, 2005.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office. This is a communication from a debt collector.


Blah, blah, blah

Now, I never had a judgment on my credit reports and don't remember being served. I own my own business however and I remember receiving the garnishment papers. Naturally, that highly upset me and I reacted quickly by paying the debt, not knowing what I know now in regards to negotiating a deal where my CR would not be impacted.

Nonetheless, I have DV'd. I need some advice on the next step. This account is currently in dispute with the CRA's and I imagine it will continue to be verified as it has the past 6 months when I have disputed it.

Please advise. HIPAA loophole? ITS letter strategy? Thanks for the help.

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No, the other 3 collection accounts, which have all been paid for 3+ years, are different TLs.

One more question, and please excuse my ignorance. I thought a judgment, in regards to credit reports, credit review, were entries or TLs which showed as a judgment.

This account I am trying to dispute was never listed as a judgment. It has alwas been listed by the CA as a collection account, paid.

I'd like to remove it and my understanding of the 1-2 punch, was

1 DV letter

2 dispute with CRA after receiving response to DV letter sent to CA

3 Send ITS letter to CA if that does not work.

However, I just came across the nutcase strategy. I believe I will proceed with this route unless I hear different.

Thanks for your help Divemedic.

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You can try, but remember that there are two things here working against you. The first is that a judge has already ruled that the debt is valid, the second is that you agreed by paying it. I am not saying deletion is impossible, but it is going to be more difficult by several orders of magnitude.

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