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First Premier reports cc as 2 tls when card was stolen??

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Needs some help. I have been a First Premier CC holder since Oct 2005. It's a low limit card but a tool to keep a revolving account history in my CR. Unfortunately, prior to understanding the damage a couple of 30 days can do, I experienced some late pays.

I can deal with that.

However, since Oct 2001, I have lost my wallet once and needed a replacement card and additionally have my wallet stolen, which caused me to need a replacement. Naturally, I have assigned a new account number each time they have issued me a new card.

Now, in my cr's with each CRA, I have 2 First Premier TL's showing. At least there aren't three TL's. BUT........They show the same 3 late pays on both TLs as they are in essence the same account. I am getting double hit on my late pays.

I already have disputes in with the CRAs for other accounts so I don't want to dispute these yet until I get the responses back from my initial back sent out on May 26th. Do I have to dispute these with the CRA's or can I dispute these with the OC which is First Premier. Additionally, I would think this is not accurate reporting. Can I negotiate that I won't be a jerk about it if they remove on of the TLs and remove the late pay history? Is this a reasonable strategy?

Any advice as always is welcomed.

Just had a late pay with Beneficial removed and a 2 late pays with Applied Bank Card removed simply by using the phone.

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*Should* be simple enough--even with an online dispute. I had the same thing with a Direct Mrchants Card, when I lost it twice in a month. Seeing that the accounts were listed as lost/stolen card, I just disputed as irrelevent information. This was on EX, and they deleted the two with no hassles. But then again, YMMV.

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