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interrogators for a judgementy

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My x husband filed bankrutcy on the debt the court ordered him to pay All i got to keep was my 176 acres of land in north carolina I was a stay at home mom for 20 years now I may lose my land that has been in my family since 1800s because this interrogatory is asking where my property is I thought about not listing it and maybe they wont find it. This collection is in the amount of 1500.00 and the other collections account that he does not have a judgement on adds up to 12000.00 I live in colorado I cant file bankruptcy because they will sell the land

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You need to calm down and look at this situation a little more calmly.

1. You won't lose your land just because they ask about it in an interrogatory.

2. Is this a judgment against you or your ex-husband or both? THey can't come after your property for his debt.

3. Is the property in your name, your ex-husband's name or both? They can't take your property to satisfy his debt.

4. How much equity do you have in the property? Can you refinance it to get some cash to resolve the matter, assuming its yours.

5. If you do not list it and they find it you may be held in contempt of Court, be subject to a perjury charge, fined or put in jail. Is that something you want to risk?

If you want to get help, you have to give people enough information to help you and limit the extraneous information that makes your post confusing. Best of luck to you.

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Im sorry I will try to be more clearer The judgement in the beginning was both of us then when he filed bankruptcy the creditor said it was mine 2 Most of the creditors that is listed with Account Brokers r medical bills. The land that they said they would seize is in north carolina and it is totally in my name. I cant get a loan on the property because when he filed my credit is so shot because everyone he filed on is coming after me. It really seems so unfair this man makes 15000 a month and there is nothing I can do

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It sounds like you are in a tough situation, but, you probably know that already.

Since the judgment(s) were against both of you and now he has filed Bankruptcy, they can and will come after you.

Your other problem is that you are also collectable, because you have some assets to seize. Your best bet may be to try to work out a payment plan.

If the judgments are not in NC, they will have to domesticate the judgment there and then start the seizure process. That takes time and effort, but it can be done.

Best of Luck.

Also, don't give up on the mortgage angle because of your credit. I have had clients in bad shape be able to get mortgages on non-homestead properties. It depends on your income and the amount of equity you need to remove from the property. $12K doesn't seem that bad if you own 176 acres free and clear.

Talk to a good mtg broker in NC. They may also have access to private lenders that will give you $$$ at a higher interest rates. It all depends on how bad you want to keep the property.

Also, can you sell off a portion of the property to satisfy the debt? Maybe 5 acres gets it done?

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