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Have to make a quick settlement


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Hello all. I'm in one of the worst debt management situations possible right now; a big big rush.

I'm closing on a house on 6/30. My mortgage guy only recently decided to inform me that I have to take care of an AMEX chargeoff I have from 2000 that's $1370 before I can get the loan. Total bummer, because I really wanted to just let if fall off next year, but I really have no other option.

I called AMEX and while the guy I talked to was a TOTAL a$$, they offered me a 75% settlement. Normally for the $300 difference I'd just pay off the whole thing, but with the closing costs, new house stuff, etc, every dollar is very precious right now. Sucky thing here is I have no time to get this in writing. So on wednesday when I get paid, I'm going to have to call, say I want the deal, AND get them to fax me something saying I took care of it. This sounds like it will be an absolutely miserable experience, and any advice would be wonderful.

Thank you!

edit: also note that this is still with AMEX.. it seemed to be some 3rd party AMEX type people because when I called the main number they didn't have me on file and i had to go through a few offices to find my account, but it was them and not a collection company none the less.

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