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experian will not help with credit report

double c

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i sent a certified letter to experian (my wife's credit) with copies of letters from debtors. i also explained that both accounts had been verified twice and please send method of verification to us.

1) wells fargo sent a letter stating they would take a 30 day late off her paid account, it is the only one on this account and remove from negative.

2) a utility bill sent to collection agency for 40.00. i sent 2 debt validation letter with no response. i went to utility company and we found out they had sent final bill to wrong address. i paid the 40.00 and they signed a letter stating it was paid in full and all negative would be removed from her credit report from utililty company and collection agency by name.

she received a letter stating experian could not use any information we sent to change her credit report.

what can she do next.......the accounts are only on experian

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the letter reads as follows:

account is paid in full and all negative information will be removed from credit report by utility company and CA(by name).

then signed by the utility company manager and by my wife.

a copy was sent certified mail to CA, all they did was mak it as paid.

the second was a letter sent to her by wells fargo stating the 30 day late payment would be removed and account would stae paid as agreed. it would take 30 to 45 days,it has been 3 months and when i contact them they will get it taken care of. so i made a copy and sent to experian.

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experian verified both and stated we did not furnish enough information:

i sent same 2 letters with an ITS letter. signed for on monday and wednesday one was updated to no lates

second one was deleted.

we win some..........we lose some.........winning is better

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