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How do I get started?


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Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate any advice that anyone might be able to share:

So I ordered my FICO today from TU and I was stunned. 504. I have old credit issues that I need to deal with and that is why I'm here. I already disputed these things online last year and was told that the debts were verified. I just disputed a slew of them again and we will wait and see what happens. In the mean time, one of these CAs is totally ruining my life....and that's where I need help. ASSET is re-aging a debt that I feel I do not even have. It was with GATEWAY computers originally and I returned the computer in 2001 or earlier to the GATEWAY store (which is no longer in business). Sometime after that, gateway sold the account to ASSET and since then they have been reporting, and adding interest (I believe since the original loan was only for $1000 and now we are up to $2300. ) I've read before that ASSET is terrible and I am afraid to contact them. What do I do now?

I also have a repo from 2002 which had $2500 on the loan and now the debt has been sold and resold and we're up to $4600.

Aside from that I do have a few medical bills that are in collections that I do owe (altho 1 seems to be reported twice). How should I go about paying and will any of this actually improve my credit?

I was able to finance $17000 last year for a new car at 13%. I have not incurred any new debts at all since that time. I was horrified when I saw the score of 504, because I thought it would be decent after 1 year of reporting all ontime payments. Capital 1 is also reporting nicely. Orchard is not, altho the payments have all been on time. I'd like to be able to get a mortgage in 2 or 3 years so I know I have to deal with this.

PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks in advance for all your ideas or assistance.

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Welcome to the board! You've come to a great place to get information and support during your credit repair journey. Here's the steps I took to get started below. Others will also probably weigh in with their advice as well.

#1. Since you already have your TU report, order your reports from EX & EQ. Remember that the only scores that count come from FICO; lenders don't look at any other score. You can order your 3 scores from myfico.com.

#2. Read until you feel like your head is going to explode. Take a rest, then read some more. Start with these links:







#3. Read up on the FDCPA and FCRA to know and understand your rights as a consumer. A collector's worst nightmare is a consumer who knows her rights.

These 3 things should keep you busy for awhile. As always, come back to the board with questions, and you'll surely be pointed in the right direction.

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thanks so much for replying. i have started to read those links and much more in the past few hours. i know this will be a long process, but i know it has to be done. i'm actually afraid of the debt validation process, because i don't want to end up being sued. right now, they are not hasseling me because i don't think they know i have moved, but i know this CA is ruthless..but what they are doing is WRONG!


thanks again for the help. i'm sure i'll be back with questions :wink:

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