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CC not reporting on TU only. Has 2 lates? Hurt or help?

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Here is a scenario I could use some advice on.

I have a open and active Capital One CC with a $500 limit and currently a 0 balance. This account has nearly a 5 year history and is still open/active, however I have a back-to-back 30 day and 60 day late pay mark in June and July of 2005......nearly a year past now.

I disputed the late pays on this account with all 3 CRAs. It came back verified with Experian and Equifax, however TU deleted the entire TL. I called Cap One today to inquire on a couple of issues, one being whether or not they could begin reporting this to TU if I wished this to occur. The CSR for Cap One informed me that this could occur if I requested it, however he could not guarantee me whether or not the reporting would begin now or if they would go back and show the past payment history which would include these two late payments. I told him to hold off on pushing this request through until I became a bit more informed.

So..............does anyone know the scoring methods well enough to tell me whether or not I am better of with a 5 year old CC account with a zero balance in open/active status but also with a 30 and 60 day old late pay on it.........OR..............am I better off leaving it off of my TU CR all together??

For the record, I just sent out 16 goodwill letters to every Capital One executive asking for forgiveness and deletion of the late pays 2 days ago and am awaiting a positive response from one or more of these executives.

As always, I await the fantastic advice I receive from you guys.

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Scoring is complex. Generally after 2 years lates dont hurt quite as much. On one hand if you have really excellent credit, and a long history, a couple of lates could really hurt, if you dont and this is the best you've got it could hurt your score to have it gone.

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