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Medical bill in my name only....


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I had a small medical bill with OC that hasn't been paid(new insurance, they billed old insurance). I had been talking to the OC, but somehow the billing department screwed up and sent it to collections. The OC had called me to tell me what happened, and they would pull it out of collections, which they did. It paid and vereythings fine now...

But I still ended up getting a collection notice with my name and hubbys name on it that got crosssed in the mail. The insurance is for myself only, the doctors office is my doctor only (no one else in family goes there). So my question is, if this hadn't been an error w/OC (the OC only sends bills to me with my name), how could CA send both of us a bill? If I had let this go, would they have reported it to CRA for both of us? Isn't this a violation?

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