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Is the Collecting Attorney in Violation?

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OK, I've got a few questions with the whole DV process, what's proper validation and then what are my options after DV. I received a letter from a Law Office in Phonenix AZ, I live in Texas, back on May 3. They said they were collecting for CHASE...etc...so I sent DV letter to them on May 26, and on June 10 I got back a letter stating: This office has been retained to collect the debt owed by you in the above-referenced matter. This letter is a demand for payment in full, and due in our office by June 30. Attached they have about 5 facsimile copies of my CHASE statements (proper validation?). I checked my credit report on June 16, and no where on there was any notation that my CHASE account was in dispute....wouldn't that be a violation on the Collecting Attorney's part, since my DV letter clearly stated that until they provided proper DV, they had to notify the CRA's of any disputed debt? If this is the case, then do I send them another DV letter, or what do I do from here.....I appreciate any comments or help on this!

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