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RE-AGE or Rehabbing accounts??


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I have a Macy's account that was CO in 2004, with a balance of $746, I would like to pay this off.

a member from this forum suggested to me to call Macy's and ask if they have a rehab program, he/she advice to try this instead of paying Mitchell Kay law offices, which I agree completely, I rather pay Macy's than those scumbag Mitchell Kay.

I just don't know how this works, Mitchell K. offer that if I pay the full balance and after I pay them Macy's will open the account again.

I just want to know if Reaging an account is the same as rehabbing accounts.

If I call Macy's should explain my past financial situation and why I let this account to the point CO.

Should I ask for a rehab program or re age account?

I make a payment right away and then pay monthly until debt satisfied.

Thanks alot for your help.

3 amores.

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