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How is this possible

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A while back I wrote and mentioned that MBNA/Scott Lowery called with some artibration threats and tried to send me a certified in the mail (at christmas and I was gone).. I , to this day have nothing.. I had a local lawyer contact him , they said they would be back in touch.. never were and my laywer (400.00 later!) dropped the case.. I am currently working with someone to get this straight (hope I can settle before he serves papers)..


I pulled my CR every few months .. in FEB 2006 they had the "last payment" as July of 2003.. I pulled it again June 1, 2006 , the last payment had been changed to Feb 2004 (yet the date of last activity is still july of 2003)

The account was for 15K ,although my lawyer at the time told me lowery was asking 28K. (??)

NOW here is the thing I dont get.. I pulled it again tonight.. I notice it now has the bank of america (not the MBNA header) and it never gives the balance just o.. I l know BofA bought MBNA but why not transfer the amount?

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