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1 thing you better know about some CCCS

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I have received a lot of clients that were in other programs baffled at the fact that they still can't get approved for a loan from a loan officer even though they have taken credit has been repaired.

The problem is they really didn't take care of it. The CCCS company did, which is now showing on their credit report as a third party intervention Which is shocking many people.

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The below quote was taken from your company's website. What you are offering is detrimental to a persons credit and credit rating.

Q. How does this affect my credit?

If you do not make required minimum payments to your creditor you may be breaking the terms of your agreement with them and your actions will probably be reported to consumer reporting agencies as a late, delinquent, charged-off or past due balance. This is true whether or not you have enrolled in a Debt Settlement Plan. Depending upon the condition of your credit report at the time of enrollment, a Debt Settlement Plan may have an adverse effect on your credit report and credit score. After settlement, your creditor may report that the account was "settled for less than the full amount" on your credit report.

Though that last statement says 'may', 9.9 times out of 10 they WILL report as 'settled for less'. Very bad for credit.

Also during this time (which can be quite lengthy) the conusmer is incurring late fees and interests charges as well as hits to their credit reports for 30 days late, 60 days late, 90 days late and so on. One other point is that it often allows the holder of the debt to legally reage the debt.

There are numerous FREE sources and REAL solutions to managing debt without ruining ones credit.

This forum is a fabulous source for REPAIRING credit. Not the adverse.


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I have personally helped hundreds of people with bad credit already come out with very good credit at the end.

When someone enters our program we contact the collector and they speak directly with us and it really doesn't matter what the collector tries to tack on once we are finished negotiations the debt is going to be almost less then %50 of the bill.We do gurantee 40cents on the dollar for which we have never been denied a settlement. We have no disputes of any kind from anyone.

We know what we do and we guarantee it. Thanks for alerting me about the advertisement. I read the post rules and went ahead and the info.

best regards,


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With this in consideration.

If you have a debt that is with a CA and under the SOL, is it better to deal with the CA or OC? What are the chances of negotiating a PFD if the CA agrees to the PFD what will the OC do with their listing? Il you pay the OC both CA and OC are still listed on your CR. Isn't it better to be able to eleminate one?

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