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Ready to settle on two bills with same CA have question


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I am new here and would like some advice on how to settle a couple credit card debts.

I have two credit card bills that has been referred to Midland credit. One is First Consumers National Bank for 1568.00, last payment 9/2001 and the other is Aspire for 1797.00, last payment 10/2003.

Do I send settlement letters in the same envelope or individually?

How much should I offer them? I read that you should start at 25%.

Can someone give me an example of what to write in the letter asking them to delete their entries on my credit report?

Also, is it legal for Midland to put two entries on my credit report for the same bill? They did this with Aspire, one says they cannot contact me and the other says collection account.

Thanks in advance.

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