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DOLA Question

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On my report under public records I have a "Paid Cival Judgement" on there with a date filed of 10/2001 and a date paid of 09/2004. Transunion has it scheduled to come off on 09/2008. The DOLA was actually in 12/1999. It was a foreclosure and that was the last time a payment was made. Actually it was included in the discharged bk as of 12/1999. On the 7 year reporting clock it should of come off by now? but it took the bank all that time to even start forclosure and the attorney who forclosed didn't satisfy anything until 09/2004. How can I handle it with all 3 credit agencis without sending them documentation on my BK being included in it so they remove it? or is that the only way, and would that destroy my chances of ever getting the bk removed before the 10 year clock? Thanks

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