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can collection agency sue in superior court

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A collection agency send me a letter stating "You are now facing a lawsuit in Superior Court? " It this a threat ? i thought if they sue, it would be local county court first, no ?

This agency has not reported me to the credit bureau yet it does account inquiry every year.


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The contract with OC says it may refer the account to collection agency and credit reporting bureaus.

Based on that, the CA is saying that he can pull hard inquiry given that i sign the above contract . CA can refer but CA cant inquire..What do you say ?

And then the letter goes on saying:

"The longer you take to pay the larger the balance. A credit report can be requested on you every 14 days while these remain unpaid. Right now you are facing a lawsuit in Superior Court"

What do you think ? Should I DOV ? What if they dont respond ? it has been over 2 years.

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