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CMI Won't Budge

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Ok. I've been dealing with these suckers forever. SO I sent them a DV they sent me a letter letting me know they received my request. Then they sent me a letter stating it was mine and they will keep collecting. So I went ahead and sent them a 2nd DV. They sent a letter to let me know they received my request then again they sent another letter stating per Time Warner this debt continues to be yours. So pay up. I just sent a dispute to the CRA. They haven't sent me validation. If the CRA comes back verified. Should I send them and ITS Letter or just simply start the Sueing process. All feedback is request :D

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Cav- I've also got a CMI from Time Warner for $56 from 2001, in TX no less.

Their first response to me was "its yours"; their second was to tell me they were sending it back to TWC to get proof----you'll love what they sent me---what looks like a screen print off a computer.

There is no idenitfying factors other than a name and an address and amount written off. Besides the quality being horrible!!!!

I'd love to know where they are getting the amount, as we always have all the bells and whistles on cable, so needless to say our bills are ususally upwards of $100 or more :oops: .

Besides it being in TX and is W*A*Y out of SOL. I'm going to try the ITS next :twisted:

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