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Unbelievable conversation with Experian!

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Fiancé bought his credit report. We sent the dispute CMRRR that according to USPS online was signed for on April 17th. Green card is hard to read but looks like date is April 18th which is why I got a printout from USPS. If this was received on April 18th, then investigation should have ended on May 17th.

We should have called after the 30 days were up but my fiancé would rather not deal with this and they won’t talk to me. (He’s a truck driver & wasn’t home then.)

Report came back in the mail as verified. CR is dated May 24th!

Today we finally called to challenge this. He gave them permission to talk to me.

I recorded the conversation. (thank God or no one would ever believe this.) It basically went like this:

Experian lady: We sent the dispute out 4/18 and it came back 5/24.

Me: Why did you go beyond 30 days?

Experian lady: We are allowed 30 to 45 days.

Me: No, this was not a free annual credit report, you were allowed 30. You gave yourself 38 days.

Experian lady: The dispute date was 4/24 and response date was 5/24. It was signed for on the 24th. (note she already said they sent the dispute out on 4/18)

Me: No, it was signed for on the 18th. I have the green card to prove it.

Experian lady: I show the 24th.

Then, she puts me on hold and speaks to her supervisor, Mike Bowler.

Experian lady: We have 30 days from the start of the dispute. We have 5 days to start our dispute from the day we receive it.

Me: If you have 5 days to start your dispute, why did it take you 6 days?

Experian lady: Actually, we don’t need to discuss this part anymore.

Conversation over. (Of course I told her we will sue – didn’t matter because I’m wrong)

I read somewhere on this board that the 30 days starts ticking the day they sign for it, not 5 days later because the law allows them 5 days to begin to work the dispute once received. Even if they are allowed 5 days to begin, does that mean they actually have 35 days – not 30?

The lines I typed were just the main part of it. We talked in circles for quite a while. I asked her, “are you even listening to me?” She contradicted herself over and over and over. I felt like I may have been on candid camera. It was that ridiculous!

Is there a contact for a higher up at Experian? An email, name, or address? I would like to try one more time before I sue them. Federal filing costs are $350. and NACA attorneys in my state are not interested unless it’s a high dollar lawsuit.

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Is there a contact for a higher up at Experian? An email, name, or address? I would like to try one more time before I sue them.

There was someone here who compiled the names and office addresses of the Bureau's CEOs. Try doing a search here for his posts, under CEOs.

Good luck; I've had Experian treat me terrible on the phone, and now I can't get my merged credit file from them. They do retaliate.

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Found it! Thank-you. I thought we would try calling again tomorrow and ask to speak to a supervisor or the legal department, but I'm afraid I'll get the same dum de dum responses. I don't know if I can handle another call like that - make my blood pressure go up. :complainer:

So I'm writing a letter and will send it to the CEO of Experian. I already called the number and verified that he's still there. I hope it works.

Oh yeah, Been_Ponzied, you said that they will retaliate? They can't keep you from getting your CR can they? Perhaps I should rewrite my letter and be very kind? 8]

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They retaliated against me by refusing to merge my file with my old name. (And the FTC says they don't have to if they don't want to). I got in an argument on the phone with a nasty guy at Experian. Then he did something in the computer that makes them want to stonewall me.

Yeah I would try to be nice with them, at least in your first letter to the CEO. They can't withhold your file, but you never know what excuse they can come up with!

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After my last run-in with EX, in which I screamed in frustration and hung up because I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I found a perfectly good TL suddenly gone from my report. The OC denied all knowledge of deleting it, and it didn't disappear from TU or EQ. EX, on the other hand, refused to even tell me what happened to it, saying they can't comment on a TL that isn't there. All they'd tell me is "yeah, it was there... now it's gone."

Coincidence? Maybe. But it's very difficult to give EX the benefit of the doubt. Their reputation precedes them.

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There is no part in the FCRA that gives than 5 days to start the investigation from the time they receive it. That statement was complete bunk.

"before the end of the 30-day period beginning on the date on which the agency receives the notice of the dispute from the consumer or reseller.

The five day period listed that she was referring to is a requirement that they contact the furnisher within 5 days of getting your dispute...it does not grant them ANY additional time to the 30 day clock.

However, the FCRA does allow a CRA to reinsert something into the report if the furnisher is tardy in their response. So the point is essentially moot. If the CRA had deleted, they would fully have been allowed to re-add it back into the report as long as the furnisher certifies its accuracy.

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If Experian had been in compliance with the FCRA, they would have deleted it, then reinserted upon receiving verification from the furnisher of info, and sent me the notice of reinsertion within 5 days. However, it has been well established that the CRAs almost never notify you of reinsertion. Furthermore, they would need "certified" proof of the tradeline.

Knowing this, my quesition is, (and this has been asked a lot on these boards) what constitutes "certified" info.

I just did a long search to find the answer - went all the way back to the year 2003. I only found one answer to this elusive question and it was by you Methuss. You mentioned on a thread (years ago) that the furnisher of information must certify the info with an affidavit. Is this still correct?

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