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A while back ER Solutions Inc. aquired an old debt of my fathers. About two months ago I sent them a C&D letter notifying them to cease communication with my father say for written corrospondance.

Today while helping him build a new ramp for his wheel chair, they called. When I told the lady that she was violating a written cease communication letter she stated that she could call any time she wanted because she was attempting to collect on a debt.

I advised her that she was violating the FDCPA to which she responded by saying that there was no such thing. WTF? Then she goes on to say that obviously since I know the law then I should know that they can sieze my fathers bank accounts. I told her that they tried that before and his situation is the same, he is on disability therefore his bank account cannot be garnished. She said it didn't matter and that they were going to do it anyways.

I have drafted a second no contact letter and again stated that he is on disability. I should note that I do have the certified return reciept notice and can prove they were notified not to call my father.

I don't know what to do if they once again sieze his account or what to do if they keep calling in volation of the FDCPA. How do you sue a collection agency? How do you prove they are violating the FDCPA? Its their word against yours as to whether they call or not. I did keep the number on the ID box and such but what does that prove?

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