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9 and 6 months


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I also have a question, i file in 12/99 and its about to be 10 long years,

Some cr are saying this will f/o in 4/07 that is the d/c date.

should it fall off in 12/06 right??

also i have been disputing for 10 years and it always stays.

well any way, for what it worth , i would never do it again file for bk 10 years of high% buying things and rejecttion.

that was 10 yrs ago way before all this information. for me anyway .



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It should fall off 10 years from the filing date if it was a Chapter 7, so it would fall off 12/09. If chapter 13, it should fall off in 7 years (12/06).

read his second post, he was trying to edit it.

He filed in 12/96, so it should fall off 12/06......

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