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Thanks to this site I got law suit dismissed

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Thanks to the wonderful people and this remarkable and informative site, I managed to defend myself from the scavengers (Cap.1 & Fred Hanna) and actually managed to get their stupid lawsuit dismissed. Fred Hanna sued me for an alleged debt owed to Capital one. SOL in my state is 4 years and long been expired and Georgia courts seem to agree that Credit Cards fall into the category of “open-end” accounts. Fred Hanna and his goons tried really hard to get the law suit stick and even answered my court's request for dismissal, but eventually the judge reviewed the case and dismissed it without even going to court.

My experiences here have thought me that as consumers we have rights and we need to educate ourselves not to fear bottom feeder scavengers that call themselves collection agents. First and foremost, it is wise not get yourself in a situation to even deal with these idiots. Pay your bills on time. However, if you fall into hard times it's good to know that the system actually works and collectors must obey the law. If sued; always answer the suit as this is the most single important action you will need to take. Most collectors sue hoping for judgments to win the law suit. I am not giving legal advise but merely trying to share my experience as the information on this site has proven valuable and posters here have helped me completely turn around my credit profile in the past year, raised FICO 180+ Points. Thanks everyone for your help.

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