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okay so there is an account on my credit report from capital one....for $900. so I disputed it with the credit bureaus and I also sent validation letters to the collection company it is with,

today i got a letter from the credit bureau saying that the account was validated. however

I have not received any letter or call back from this company and I have sent 4 letters and many phone calls and messages. to prove that it was validated.

so i called the credit bureau and explained to the lady that this is not my account. it belongs to my sister and I was authorized to use it only once, then after that I was taken off the account.

I wasnt even old enough at the time they are saying that I had the card issued to me to even have a credit card, I was 16yrs old.

the credit bureau told me that they validated it to them and when I asked how she said well I could explain the process to you but it wouldnt solve anything you now have to take it up with the collection company......I laughed(literally) and said I have been I have been disputing more with the collection company than with the bureaus.

she said that that is my only choice.


what do I do..was she just giving me the run around?


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