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MOV or Noncompliance with FCRA?


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I am looking to redispute 3 accounts with Equifax. I disputed these items in March, and EQ's response was to ask me to prove my identity. Per their request I sent in a copy of my Social Security card and a utility bill.

They replied by thanking me and "updating" my address (which had not changed)- and in the process totally ignored my 3 disputes.

I believe EQ did go to the OC's for verification because the accounts were updated on my report (yet EQ never directly replied to me regarding my disputes)

Which is generally a more successful tactic at this stage, asking them for a Method of Verification, or requesting the items be removed for failure to comply with the FCRA as they have now let 90 days pass without any reply to me regarding my disputes?

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Hi Momma K,

The original dispute went out 3/23. My only concern re suit is I was using Lexington Law at the time and it was their letter, sent regular mail to intiate this dispute. I have since cancelled with Lexington (since I came to this site!), but I called them yesterday and one of their attorneys will attest in writing to making the original dispute, and I have a copy of the letter.

Any thoughts on this?


P.S. When are the "I love my Credit Info Center!" T-Shirts coming?

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