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Tape recording a CRA CSR

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If I tape record a conversation with Experian and the rep I speak with clearly has no interest in the FCRA, could I use this tape in court? I'm in a one party state but I have no idea what state this person was in. Would it be possible to know at all? Do they have numerous call centers? I did a search & checked the sticky but I didn't find the answer.

I'm sending a letter to the CEO of experian. Does my little tape have any teeth or will they use my letter as tissue paper? :oops:

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I read somewhere that you can tape record a company or business if they have an automated system that claims, "this call may be recorded for quality assurance" or something to that effect. I don't recall if the CRAs say that or not. Does anyone know?

I have my letter ready to send to the CEO of EX but don't want to tell him I tape recorded my conversation with his contemptuous Customer Service Rep if I'm actually not allowed to do that.

My letter is regarding this thread (just incase you're wondering)


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to record a call you must say "this call is being recorded"

and there use to be a requirement to have an ocassional beep to remind you of that...

I would go ahead and do it... then ask the lawyer if he wants to use it...

If they say it may be recoreded. your lawyer may go for it...

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