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Are CRA update processes unreliable?

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Asset Acceptance Tradeline

TU = Factoring company, open account, pay status-collection account, consumer disputes account.

EQ = Factoring company, open account, collection account, consumer disputes account.

EX = Sales Financing Company, type-Installment, terms-1 month, account in dispute-reported by subscriber, creditor cannot locate individual/collection account.

In a comparison of the report segment “2 year history” of 2 Experian credit reports, why would the Sept 05 credit report show CO’s for 8/04, 11/04 and 2/05 but the June 06 report show them as OK? Are the CRA update processes faulty or unreliable?

I didn’t think CAs could report as a factoring company or open account status—am I mistaken? Can they claim to be a sales financing company?

Why would the credit reports reflect different information for AA--wouldn’t they all get the same update criteria (i.e., factoring versus sales financing company)?

I saw somewhere a comment that CAs have to be careful with regard to settlement letters after SOL runs on a debt. Does anyone have any insight on this opinion? For the above debt, the DOFD was 5/02 (or prior) + 4 years SOL = 5/06 SOL runs on the above account. Settlement letter was sent in 6/06.

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That's illegal but they do it anyway. Maybe you should find a lawyer who will sue them rather than giving them any warning first. I tried this but the atty I contacted told me to dispute it first. After 2 DV's they deleted anyway, so no go.

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