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Trying to collect from an authorised user :(


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Hi Everyone: Newbie here! Been looking at these forums and all this great advice for a few days now. I just bought the books and stuff. Now i hope to figure out what to do.

I am not sure where this topic belongs, so please feel free to redirect me. My problem is quite complicated and I tend to get emotional and long winded when I get started on it. I will make this first post as brief as possible.

My mother suffered a long illness and decline in which I was her primary caregiver, She passed away in September 2004. Unfortunately, She and I both entered hospitals on the same day, myself for cancer.

While I was still in hospital two of her credit card companies decided to go after me as an "authorised user" of her accounts. Needless to say I missed the thirty day window for verifying the "debt". I have been being hounded by Allied Interstate and NCO for quite a while now. It's distressing, tiring, and causes me many sleepless nights.

My initial question is this: How do I get to see the original agreements between herself and the CC companies? If I can't see those how do I know where I stand legally? I do not want to trigger a lawsuit if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for your input.

P.S. resident of North Carolina.

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Legally you are NOT LIABLE as only an Authorized User - that's all there is to it. You are still allowed to ask for validation and proof that you are in any way liable for the debts. As an AU, they cannot produce such proof because it doesnt' exist !

When, EXACTLY was the last time these accounts were paid - to the original creditors ?? NC has a short 3 year statute of limitations. If these debts were last paid more than 3 years ago, you can tell Allied to get stuffed.

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Hi again: Thank you for your amazingly quick response LadynRed.

I was guessing that was the answer, but guesses aren't too bright when dealing with a lot of money.

The last payment would have been in Aug' of 2004, my mother passed away on Sept 10 2004, before her pymnts were due.. I have not been up to dealing with this stuff until recently.

(I actually believe that they have decided that "I" am my "father", I know it sounds weird but the hospital and our county tax office have already made the same mistake. The hospital dunned me for a medical bill of my mothers while I was in chemo'. That took ages to correct, and the lady that straightened it out said that I was in the record as spouse, because I had POA for her! My wife and my mother both have the same initials and the tax office transposed their names on my tax bill.)

Both BOA and CITI were bugging me back while I was really sick, and they made some strange references to my " Birthday in 1920". As I was drafted in 1970, you can see the timeline is about 30 years off. The CRA's also have my parents retirement address listed as my "former" address.

NCO called once an hour for two weeks running ! If I ask a question of these people they just yell and refuse to answer, but demand personal info from me instead. Of course they don't get anything from me.

These CA people have been so obnoxious that I have a desire to hit them where they live, just as they have hounded me in my home. But, I would still rather do it when the debt is SOL. In the meantime I do need to get all the pertinent info straight.

As I said before please correct me if I am in the wrong forum.

Thanks again LadynRed, all the best.

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