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PFD's and SOL Questions


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Ok, Here we go.

I have Collections accounts (Medical) and they are as follows from my EQUIFAX CR:

$339--Date of 1st Delinquency 09/2000

$111--Date of 1st Delinquency 05/2001 (has been deleted after I disputed it)

$064--Date of 1st Delinquency 01/2001

$657--Date of 1st Delinquency 12/2000

$734--Date of 1st Delinquency 12/2000

$101--Date of 1st Delinquency 12/2000

And on my other Reports, those are the same, with one more added, and it is as follows:

$1866--Date Open 06/2003 (not Medical)(school related, but NOT a Student Loan)

I am in the state of CA, and I understand that the SOL is 4 years.

So my questions:

Should I contact CA's to try for a "Pay For Deletion", since I assume I have leverege, due to the SOL being up on all except the $1866 one.(and of coarse, I would get the "PFD" in writing)

If "YES" on the previous question, how do I go about doing this?

Or, Should I just wait until they fall off my CR in 1-2 Years?

Any other suggestions are welcome!!!

Here is some additional info:

My Credit Scores as of today are:

EX 601

EQ 571

TU 605

I Have NO Credit Card Debt

And 1 Paid off Auto Loan (with "4" 30 Days Late)(Still Shows "Pays as Agreed")

Thank You All in advance!!!


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DV first. If they can provide proper validation, THEN maybe you would want to work out a PFD.

As for the school-related item, it doesn't matter that it's not a loan. They don't ever have to stop trying to collect on it, although it does have be removed from your file after 7 years. That being said, not all CA's bother to read the law, and I DV'd one for the same type of bill. They sent me back a stupid printout that I could have typed up myself. I used loans for all of my classes, so I doubt the accuracy. If they can't prove that I signed up for these 'extra' classes (I didn't), I'm not paying for them. You might want to DV them as well and see if they don't just delete it.

Dispute them all with the CRA's too, if you haven't already. These are all pretty old. The 1-2 punch.

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