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We are in the middle 640's and we have a mortage 80/20

we have dell, chevron, target, orchard.....

I have a friend who buys houses using his credit cards, then

he repairs them, has them apraised and then goes to the bank and

refinances and pays off the credit cards... he then rents the house out.

We have one rental house and just got another mortage.

Now I want to get some credit cards with big limits and start doing the same thing...

please tell me about the citi thing and give me any other advise you might have.

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If you are looking for big limits, then you have to be a super prime customer or at the very least, a prime...

640 isn't going to cut it because plenty of outfits look at it as being sub-prime. You definitely need to step into the 700 club.

I would imagine that there are some sub-prime outfits that will give a big limit but that comes with lots of strings attached, like high interest and lousy terms. For instance, they will probably subscribe to universal default so the moment that they see a debt balloon, it may trigger all sorts of restrictions, like freezing your credit, etc...

You are probably better off asking Firstsource at the mortgage forum about that. Using credit cards to finance a business just gives me the heebee jeebees... Firstsource is a better person to ask that to...

By the way, I don't think I have seen Blue Ranger around here lately... What have you been up to... You ought to drop into the Off Topics forum when you get a chance to hang out with us...

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