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Please explain suing in federal or state court

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I just read on the site that theFDCPA allows us to sue in federal court. Reason being, I have a bigtime identity theft case where I have stacks of proof against a CA. I spoike to a small claims judge here in AZ, she said I have a slam dunk case but since everything happened in New Jersey, I would have to sue there. However, I don't think she knew I could sue in federal court.

Can I do this? I would love to sue the dirtbags for what they did to me, somebody please weigh in on this.

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You can sue them in federal and possibly collect more money than you could in Small claims and the court may even be more knowledgeable of the FDCPA.

You can sue them in the state you are in so long as they have a registered agent in your state.


Agent for service of process: An agent, required to be appointed by a corporation, whose authority is limited to receiving process issued against the corporation. Also known as a Registered Agent or a Resident Agent.

The laws were made this way to keep the expense of an "average Joe" down. Where a company can cover the expense of the travel if needed.

You need to look up and read the FDCPA and your States rules of civil procedure. They will tell what & how to do it.

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