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Capital One + Zenith Aquisitions + Hayt and Hayt


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Interesting combo... I started getting call after call from someone at a CA. I picked up one time when I wasnt in class. They said it was for my capital one card, and I owed 3500, and will offer a settlement blah blah blah. I ask for their address, and after some fighting, I finally get it.

I send them a DV.

No response.

A little later I get a letter from Hayt Hayt and Landau, attorneys here in Florida regarding the account. My last payment was made over 4 years ago. According to case law that Hayt and Hayt were council to, even though it was a sears card, 4 years is FL SOL.

What should I do? DV Zenith again and then stick them in Small Claims for not validating? DV Hayt and Hayt and see if I get sued?

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