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J Graham JTL Inc not licensed


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J graham DBA JTL Inc are not licensed in colorado may not be where you live

they showed up on a report for an old Providian account that I've had in dispute for 5 years they can't even report me on the CB report without a license here,

I'm reporting them to the AG on monday morning

this is the second Providian collector to not have the proper licenses I've dealt with can you say case dismissed?

Anybody else dealing with them?

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You're the only other person I've seen to date with a collection from JTL/J Graham. I had those schleps on my report up until recently. They were/are first and foremost Medical Billing. They were the 3rd company to own a paper on an obsolete debt on me.

I sent them a letter demanding validation and sent another very worded one to Trans Union, that was the only CRA that they were reporting to. Larry Doolan is the "principal" of the company. Count on them making multiple violations.

They weren't required to be licensed in my state, but were required to be bonded, coeincidentally they weren't. The collectors there are under the impression that they can change account dates any time they please.

They had even tracked down my father and discussed the debt with him. I also called the Attorney General on them. I'd "speculate" they've gotten into the JDB business to try to turn some extra bucks.

Nail them, and good luck.

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