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Interpreting Credit Report Tradelines 101

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:?Is there a cheat sheet posted somewhere that summarizes basics of interpreting credit report TLs?

For those folks who are experienced in analyzing CR data this might be a dumb question. But for those of us who are not so familiar, we can read the TL data but not necessarily understand what the data elements mean or how it impacts us, or is applied to our credit circumstances, etc.

It would also be helpful to have a cheat sheet that illustrates TL data elements that CAs manipulate, why they do it, and how it impacts or applies to the debtor's situation.

The definitions provided by the CRAs don't always help the unsophisticated person translate the data into "reality".

In some of the threads, I've seen posts where folks have included the OC TL and the CA TL as part of their post... But for someone with limited experience in interpeting CRs, the "inconsistencies" and "violations" are not obvious unless the folks point it out in their post...because we (I) don't necessarily know what to look for, how to identify it, etc.

Maybe something has been posted on this and I just haven't run across it yet. Thought I'd ask, and at the very minimum...plant a seed for future consideration. I've been trying to glean what I can from the various posts that are ofttimes unclear... It would be helpful to have a product to go to perhaps as a sticky / cheat sheet "Interpreting TranUnion", "Interpreting Experian", etc.

Another suggestion is to consider setting up a separate forum board where newbies could post an actual TL and an experienced member/volunteer can "walk them through" what the experienced member sees the status of the TL to mean...as an illustration to teach newbies how to interpret and apply the data, suggest "next steps" to consider, etc.

Anyway, if something like this already exists...can you point me to the thread? Thanks! 8]

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