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Not sure who to settle with


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I have been doing my research online and reading up on all the information I can on how to handle credit charge offs and collection agencies. I just discovered this site today and found it to be most useful spending hours already reading a lot of the current threads.

Anyways, before stumbling upon this site, I had disputed a few items on my credit report and was able to have one charge off deleted from my CR today. However on another account, it came back as updated in which I assume it means verified. I would like to settle this debt considering it's only about $400 and I can easily pay it off, but would like to get some feedback from the knowledgeable people on this forum before doing so.

My question is, on my credit report....the OC is FNBM and in the status section it says "charge-off" on Experian, and "Bad debt & placed for collection & skip" on Equifax, who do I contact to settle this debt? FYI the day this account was charged off is on May 2002. I've looked up my entire CR and it only lists the OC (FNBM) and not the collections agency. I've read CIC for both "how to settle with original debtor" and also with "Collections agencies", but was unsure since I only see the OC on my CR. It was mentioned that the original creditors won't even talk to you after they have marked you off as a charge off. Is this true?

So if the collection agency is not on the credit report how do I go abouts finding this information to contact them? Should I just ask the OC who they sold off their debt to and go from there? I am not only looking to settle this debt to get it paid, but also to negotiate them either removing the "Charge off" and having it changed to either "paid as agreed" or "paid".

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated before I begin this process.


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