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I have a friend who was being sued by LVNV.. I gave some ideas on her case and she ended up going to court... she told me that court started at 9 but the lawyers for them were not coming until late afternoon.. anyway she ended up spending the day there..

she mentioned she saw 18 judement cases on the docket for that day.. only she and one other guy showed up for their cases (her case was continued because the judge hates it when someone doesnt have legal counsel.. which she can ill afford)

anyway..she mentioned it was default judgement after default.. EVERY case she said, with the exception of one was either Unifund or LVNV,.. I just found it interesting.. and the fact that nearly no one showed up... amazing

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And repeated in court after court, day after day in this country. It's a shame more debtors do not know their rights or are too afraid to stand up for them.

So true. I used to be one of those people. Until I got sued and was actually going to just pay up the money. Without even knowing if the debt belonged to me. Just because the JDB said it did. I agonized so much, but with the support of someone that walked me through the whole process of defending myself and just not roll over, I actually sent the JDB packing. That JDB sued me hoping for the default and was actually surprised by the fight that I put up. The attorney said he never met anyone like me. Since then I don't fear them the way I used to.

At least now if they come after me, I will be going down fighting.

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