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Newbie question: Is this proper validation?

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I disputed 2 accounts with a CA as not mine using the letter available on this site. They are looking for parking tickets, which I NEVER had on my car. :roll: When I DV them they sent me a copy of a fax from the city that supposidly ticketed my car. Showing how the city that ticketed me took the $25 tickets to $250 each. They did not show me that they bought the debt, or that they are liscenced to collect. Just these two faxes. The only things on the faxes were my liscence plate number, and date of violation. No Vin number, no make\model of car.

Then today they called for me for collections. :twisted:

any help? What is my next step, repeat the DV letter, or wait and complain to CRA that they did not properly validate my debt.

what to do?


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Also, check w/ your city to make sure that you weren't ticketed. Remember, although the template letter lists things to request from a CA, they are NOT all required by the FDCPA; it's simply used as a scare tactic. The FDCPA also says that the CA must cease collection until they provide validation to you. They probably called b/c they responded and believe that they have sent what you asked for. What you need to do is check w/ your state (or whomever is responsible for CA licensure) to see if the CA is licensed. Do you research b4 responding to their letter. If the City claims that you don't owe any tickets, then fire off a C&D.

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