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Need quick response! Do I sent the A$$et letter to EX?

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Sorry for the short notice, but I need to get this letter out today, and I'm having second thoughts about including something...

During my DV process with A$$et, they sent me a form letter saying that they received my request for validation, and have contacted the OC for them, and that they would send me the docs once they have them.

In that time, they've repeated to verify the debt with EQ/EX (at least 2-3 FDCPA violations). Eventually, EQ dropped them from my CR, and I'm stuck fighting EX.

I'm about to send EX another letter demanding that they review my previous attempts to contact A$$et, in the hopes that it might get me a reinvestigation and another FDCPA violation against A$$et. When I previously contacted EX on the phone, they said they would only consider a new investigation if I gave them documentation from A$$et saying there was a reason for the account to be investigated again.

So, the question is, should I include a copy of the A$$et letter I highlighted above (the one saying that they got my initial validation request, and asked for docs from the OC)?? What, if anything, will it get me??


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