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Speculating about the Big 3 just a little. . .

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Does it seem to anyone else like:

1. Experian is slowly getting easier to deal with?

2. TransUnion is becoming the new EX-- increasingly difficult?

3. More companies are pulling EQ & TU than EX lately?

4. For me, it seems EQ has overall been the most helpful.

My speculative conclusion: Most companies are abandoning EX for one reason or another. Maybe they've been too badly burned by suits, or EX is getting too expensive otherwise. TU has been getting lots more attention of late, but that's been going to their collective heads, thus making them less accountable (like the EX of old). And EQ. . . well, they're just. . . EQ (I'd like to think they're responding well to their "new" status of getting more hits than in the past, but I'm probably just overly optimistic).

My two cents, is all.

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Experian is the devil. They update the fastest for me but don't like to correct anything. Everyone on earth for me lately seems to pull Experian. What a treat! Since Experian doesn't like to remove inquiries. They keep changing to my OLD address.

TU will dump any info you ask them to if you mail in an ID. But they DO NOT care about those corrections once some scumbag who can't type lists the wrong info for you. Even with an ID they can't keep my name correct.

EQ has been doing a lot of deletes for me but they have me as a split file so I get conflicting results letters.

But to be fair, I hate them all.

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