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Success!!! I think......

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Here is my situation:


I also filed complaints with the FTC, and the Texas and South Carolina AGs. LVNV has now violated the FCRA as well as the FDCPA. I disputed the debt and they verified it.

I received a letter from the S.C. AG's office and they say: "a review of our files reveals that we have not received a reply to your complaint against LVNV. Please contact us within 10 days and let us know if they have contacted you".

They also CC'd a letter to me and LVNV saying: "we have not received your reply about a complaint filed against you.....we would like to know what action you plan to take in order to resolve the complaint. Mail your response to us within 15 days. The complaint and any response will be a matter of public record and released under the S.C. Freedom of Info. Act......Additionally, the name of your business will be submitted to the Administrator to be added to our buyer Beware List, notifying consumers that you have failed to attempt to resolve consumer complaints."

That last sentence confuses me, because I wonder how the BUYER BEWARE list applies to a JDB? I'm gonna give them a call today and let them know that they have placed their accounts on my reports.

Anyone have any take on this? Well, at least The S.C. AG's office took action...

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I got a letter from the SC AG and they are asking me what I want them to do. Apparently, LVNV has sent to them statements saying: 1) when the acount was originated 2) when the account was charged-off 3) when the last payment was made.

They also stated that that documents have been ordered from the OC. The funny thing is that the OC wrote me a letter saying that they no longer have the records.

So, in addition to asking for those records, is there anything else I need to ask the SC AG to obtain for me? I am going to respond to them today.

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