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I'm lost Info missing from TC


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Since I am new, I tried to do a search on this and perhaps I am not using the right keywords. Sorry if this has been discussed.

I just started all this recently. I have copies of CR from all 3 CRA's. I disputed on the 7/8 an item with Experian. I was able to get a new report last night from them directly. It showed the item as being disputed.

I decided today to pay the extra money and use TC to get all 3. The one with EX that they said was being disputed is not showing at all on TC. Mind you this was the only CRA reporting the TL.

There are a few other items conflicting. Most of the time it's that TC is not reporting actual TL's that the CRA's are even though I just pulled these reports from the CRA.

Another item that didn't pull on my EX last night is pulling with them on TC.

I can't assume that the item was removed per my dispute, can I? Seems kinda fast. I just dont know what to believe at this point.

Thanks for any clarification.


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No. TC should be used for monitoring your TLs and ignored for your scores. The scores are useless except in very rare cases.

TC reporting lags way behind. No one knows why. Drives me crazy. :x

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