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Ok, here's a question. What about recent "lates" on your CR? How bad do those effect your ability to get approved?

I've gotten stuff paid up, deleted-etc...but due to a recent "bump in the road" I have some recent lates on my mortgage. We're getting it paid up, but would I be better off waiting 6 months to a year before attempting to apply to ANY CC company?

Also, would I still be ok applying to "Blairs" or some other similar type deal to help improve credit?

See-my problem is I am a stay-at-home parent. I'm the one that can budget funds, but dh earns the actual funds--and is IS NOT good w/ money, but he's willing to listen to me and let me handle things.

I want to establish my OWN credit worthiness aside from him--and am finding it hard to do so. So far, just the mortgage has my name on it and my credit score DID improve from the 500 region to the mid 500 region. My BK is nearly 7 yrs old. (I had a job lay off that got me a repo and a BK-both about 7 yrs back) I am also looking for work to-hoping to be back to work within the year.



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Ok, now I'm depressed. I went to check out "crown jewelers" and basically I wouldn't even qualify for THAT. I don't have a job and it specifies to qualify that is one of the items. It also further adds that if they can't actually reach you at work that they'll deny you as well---scary. Verifying someones job is ONE thing, allowing calls on the job that aren't true emergencies is just pushing it! If they have your home phone, your e-mail, nearest relatives number, etc-etc why bug the employer? Sheesh...guess I'm better off. I don't want any nutty creditor calling my job even when I do get back to work!!!

Oh well...gosh, it's hard to NOT feel hopeless. :cry:

Maybe I'll just wait it out until I get can a job and get the mortgage to where it's been on time for awhile...

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Ok, whew here it goes-I'm going to air my embarrassing dirty laundry...lol. I'll do Transunion...

1.BK-filed Sept 2000 (not as far back as I'd thought, oh well)

2.Chase mortgage (incl in BK)

3.Chevron-Paid acct. I was an "authorized user" it was dh's-this was a MISTAKE on my part as he was the one who charged it up, I made sure to pay it off, but they've closed it. They're claiming "payment after CO" but I checked my CR the day I paid it and it WAS NOT reporting as a CO.

4. Meritech Mort (Saxon actually-this was part of our 80/20 loan we got for our home)

5. New Century (the 80% of the mortg)

6. OSI Collection (Placed 09/2002-I got a ticket on Mother's Day, they hated my hooptie car but I was only driving it due to emergency)

7. Sentry Credit (med bill 08/2003 placed)

8. The Bureaus (disputing-Airtouch wireless account I paid A LONG time ago-1999 or so)

9. Unique Management (Paid collection-stupid library over due fees!)

"Satisfactory" accts

1. Keybank (unsecured cash loan, paid in full and I did get the "one time 30 day late" removed and now it reads Paid or paying as agreed.

2. Verizon NW-This is my HOME phone, why they're reporting I don't know. I don't have a cell w/ them or anyone.


Continental Finance: 06/7/2006

Washmtl 03/10/2005

Secured Funding: 05/13/2005 (gotta check into this one, didn't authorize it)

Sentry Credit: 02/02/2005

Argent Mort: 10/05/2004

Home loan Corp 11/04/2004

FAC/EXC Reporting: 11/22/2004

New Century 10/27/2004

Harbor Point 08/2004

I do have a fraud alert on file now due to an unauthorized cell phone being opened in my name (AT&T wireless) and sent to collections (Palisades).

Experian has included another CA w/ Pacific NW collections: 06/2002. The debt itself was made in May of 2001. On my CR's though it does state the acct was opened 06/2002. I attempted a pay for delete but they won't budge an inch. They want me to pay it and they want to continue reporting on my credit. The credit score on EX/EQ is slightly higher than TU.

ANY of your thoughts on what I can do will be MOST appreciated. Maybe I just need to go back to square one w/ the dispute/validation process. W/ some of those dates it may be deceiving. I'm just getting a bit overwhelmed I think and could use the extra set of eyes. On the flip side I know if I don't get *A* CC or something in the way of a POSITIVE TL I'll never get anywhere. That's right- I don't have ANY credit cards. NOBODY shows me love, man! So the next time I hear someone who has several CC's not getting approved for one they'll be hearing from me! LOL...j/k but hey, at least they have some, I don't have ANY.

DH has Capital One and Household Bank. I considered trying to be an authorized user but after what happened w/ Chevron I'm reluctant. I think I'm better off holding out and getting my own. He doesn't USE the CC's anymore and we're below our limit and "on time" so who knows...

Thanks. :)


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Don't complain about the Verizon TL! It's helping you!

If I were you, I would take the authorized user route (although I'm not 100% sure Household/Orchard reports AUs. Anyone??) What you then need to do, around Jan./Feb. or so, is get a secured card of your own. By the end of January, a lot of those inquiries will be gone and your AU card, if you get it soon, will be aged 6 months--and baddies will be older and a bit less harmful. At that point, look at which report has the fewest inquiries and hopefully highest score before you apply for anything.

How is your EX? Macy's still may give you a card. It will probably be only $100, but their application doesn't ask for income or employment information. However, it does ask for another credit card, so you'll want to get that AU card first.

It's going to take some time and patience (I know it's hard), but we'll help you through it.

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Thank you so much! :D I truly do appreciate your time and effort that you've shown.

Does anyone know if Household or Capital one allow authorized users? Maybe I should post that in a new thread. If they don't, than I guess I'll just do what you said. Jan/Feb get a secured card of my own. We should have extra funds to work with by than.

Thanks again.


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Yes, having those extra funds available is often the sticking point when it comes to secured cards. But if you can get reported as an AU on your DH's Household, get a Macy's card by using that account on your application, lose half those inquiries (are those TU inqs your only ones?) and possibly get a couple of deletes, by Jan/Feb, you might be in a position to get an unsecured Orchard card.

The key here is to strip away the bad and add some good as you go along. If you have any spare cash right now, you could stick it in a savings account or buy a CD with it and take out a secured loan on it. This would give you a positive installment TL reporting.

There's also National City. Many people have had good luck with this secured card... apparently it's guaranteed acceptance, doesn't report as secured and no crazy fees. Just a $36 annual fee, billed monthly.


(Creditboards seems to be offline right now but keep trying)

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