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Sample Letter re: Fraud


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Hello All,

I received a letter from Wopoff, (CA). The account is from AT&T, sent to Palisade, then Wopoff. The account has an address I never lived at. I spoke with rep from Wopoff. Wopoff then sent an letter of affidavit indicating fraud. There were two accounts. The affidavit letters from Wopoff are not clear which account (AT&T) it is referencing. Long story short. Does anyone have a sample letter to send to CA indicating I believe I am a victim of fraud for this account? I don't trust completing their letter. Too much Legal language. Can I indicate fraud on both accounts and if one is mine what will happen? I do not want to commit perjury. Then Wopoff turns around, validates account, and sues me big time. I hope this makes sense.


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To laney,

I believe you are correct--don't complete their form---the legalese there is not designed to protect your rights---and amounts to a trap.

Maybe someone can submit a form letter---but I would just write back cmrrr that without more information you can't possibly submit their form.

And then you can proudly state the one truth---you never lived at that address and perhaps they have you confused with someone else. And warn wolfie that they may be liable if they list you living at that address on your CRA's.

Which basically puts the ball back in their court where it belongs--and they can put it in their pipe and smoke it.---and you should also request debt validation if you have not already done so--which at a very minimum should include OC account numbers.---and if you have already submitted

a DV request--its time to submit chapter and verse why they have fallen short of minimum requirements. De burden of proof is on them---not you.

But its also a wake up call to you---has someone at another address stolen your identity?--in which case you make be deluged with other bogus debts---check your CRA's to see. Or has some skip tracer somewhere created that association out of little more than thin air?

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